Unscented Aloe Lotion with Woman in Bathroom


100% Natural, Safe, American

L & L Manufacturing, LLC is a family of women who manufacture castile soap in Moore, Oklahoma. We believe in old-fashioned values and integrity. We think the best soaps are the ones like our granny made. That’s why we don’t add fillers, thickeners, or chemicals to our soaps. This creates better rinsing, a cleaner finish, and ingredients that improve skin health and an overall better feeling after washing.  We care deeply about the earth we are leaving to our children and grandchildren.  Our soap is biodegradable and septic safe.  We do not use palm oil, petroleum-based ingredients or those that we feel have a negative impact on society or the earth.  We are Non-GMO, cruelty free, paraben free, sulfate free because it is better for you and better for the planet.

L&L Manufacturing, LLC sources all ingredients and materials nationally, making our soap 100% American-made.