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How To

Oat & Honey Goat Milk with Woman Washing Face

Common Uses for Castile Soap

  • Face, Body and Hand Cleaner
  • Fruit & Veggie Wash
    1 tsp. in a sink of water. Soak then rinse well.
  • Household hard surface cleaner
    1 tsp. per 16 oz water in spray bottle.
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner
    1 tsp per 16 oz. water in spray bottle
  • Wet Suit Cleaner
    1 tsp. per 16 oz. water.
  • Stain Remover
    Full strength scrub into stain allow to sit over night rinse or launder as normal.
  • Pet Shampoo
    Depending on animal size and density of hair adjust as necessary. Generally, 1 tablespoon per 16 oz. water. Castile is low foam and rinses out easily. Does not strip natural oils from skin therefore not drying.
  • Carpet/rug cleaning
    Dilute 50/50 for deeply soiled rugs. Scrub or steam clean then rinse and allow to dry.
  • Shaving
    1 part aloe juice or gel to 1 part castile soap
  • Teeth brushing
    Add a drop to your toothbrush and clean teeth. For extra whiting add baking soda. Add peppermint essential oil to improve taste.
  • Aphid control plant soap
    1 tbls. Castile in 16 oz water. Spray top and bottom of leaves.
  • Make up remover
    1 part aloe juice 1-part castile.
  • Make up brush cleaner
    1 tsp castile in 1 cup warm water. Soak 10 minutes then rinse.
  • Handwashing Dishes
    Baked on food use full strength. Coat pan or dish with Castile soap apply wet paper towel and let sit overnight.
  • Toilet, tub and sink cleaner
    1 cup castile soap, 1 cup water, ¼ cup baking soda.
  • Laundry
    1/2 cup per load. For HE only add to the drum not in the cup.
  • Foam Soap dispenser
    1 part castile soap 4 parts water.

Additional Information

  • Bleach can be added to hard surface cleaners.
  • Essential oils can be added for their therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits.

Mustang's Refreshing Almond Aloe Lotion by L and L Soap in Mustang, Oklahoma.

Foamer Bottles

Add Water to your foam bottle about 2/3 full add soap base to fill. Mix and there you go!

Goldsby's Luxurious Goat Milk Castile Soap, a creamy indulgence from L and L Soap in Goldsby, Oklahoma.


I use about ½ cup to my wash. I scent it heavily as it will be diluted in lots of water. Adding scent will usually thicken it to a gel, which I like, but you can thin it with water if you prefer.

Unscented Castile Soap with Woman Washing Vegetables - L and L Soap (Del City, Oklahoma)

General House Cleaner

Add one ounce of soap base to 15 ounces of water. I love to add a few drops of eucalyptus essential oil to get a nice clean fresh scent. You can add any scent you want or leave unscented. If you want, you can add a teaspoon of bleach to make a great toilet bowl cleaner.

Unscented Castile Soap with Man in Kitchen - L and L Soap (Norman, Oklahoma)

Unscented Mixing Tips – Adding Scents

This base will accept fragrance or essential oils. One caveat, however, is that some oils will turn the soap watery (usually citrus) so test it first before you ruin a gallon of soap. How much? We use 1 tsp (5ml) per 8 oz (237ml). This is subjective – as with any product you’ve never used before you should test to your preference.

Scent with alcohol doesn’t work.

Step 1:

Pour your fragrance into the vessel you will mix in, use a bowl or measuring cup instead of the package you will use to display the product in.


Add the liquid base and fold it in with gentle, soothing strokes. If the base thickens, add small amounts of hot water until it reaches your preferred consistency. If it thins, add small amounts of soap base or Borax. Add 2 tablespoons of 10% borax/water solution to 16 oz of liquid soap base that has been over-thinned. Too much borax solution will cause the base to go white. Note that while stirring the base may turn white and foam, it is natural and should clear up. If it does not, then you’re pretty much stuck with that whiteness. It can be overcome with colorant, however.

Also, the base will take on the color of the fragrance you use so keep that in mind while mixing and choosing what look you are aiming for-a green oil will make it impossible to finish with a pink soap so think ahead and test in small batches. Any scent that contains vanilla will make it turn dark with time. It discolors the soap.


Castile soap is alkaline, so you should not mix it with acids like lemon juice and vinegar. The mixture could leave residue on household surfaces, your skin, laundry, or your hair.

If you have hard water, a mixture of castile soap and water can leave behind residue.

Using a castile soap cleanser on a shiny or hard surface? It may leave a salty deposit behind even though it cleans the surface. Lemon or vinegar can cut the leftover salt deposit, so you may want to spray on a vinegar/water mixture afterward.

Common Mistakes When Adding Scents

Don’t add scent to the base and shake-you will end up with foam for the next day or so until it settles, and the
fragrance will likely not incorporate.

Don’t add extra base oils to the soap. Since the nature of true soap is to break down oils, if you add any extra oils to the base, the soap tries to break down this oil and, ends up cannibalizing itself.

Don’t add salt to thicken. This base has no Sulfate type of ingredients, so it will not thicken up with salt. Liquid glycerin does not make this base better, it only makes it watery due to glycerin being a form of alcohol.

Don’t use a stick blender when incorporating ingredients, you’ll only end up with pretty foam that smells good. It’s best to fold additives in by hand.

Don’t add organic ingredients unless you know about preservation techniques (for example, fresh apple rinds may look nice for about a week before they mold).

Innovations: Add herbal teas after thickening with fragrance. Filter out any particles. Add Aloe Vera for extra skin benefits. Add glycerin soap scraps (melt them first) – they will create a neat gel, fun kid soaps, or shaving gel.

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