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Unscented Mixing Tips – Adding Scents

This base will accept fragrance or essential oils. One caveat, however, is that some oils will turn the soap watery (usually citrus) so test it first before you ruin a gallon of soap. How much? We use 1 tsp (5ml) per 8 oz (237ml). This is subjective – as with any product you’ve never used before you should test to your preference.

Scent with alcohol doesn’t work.

Step 1: Pour your fragrance into the vessel you will mix in, use a bowl or measuring cup instead of the package you will use to display the product in.

Step 2: Add the liquid base and fold it in with gentle, soothing strokes. If the base thickens, add small amounts of hot water until it reaches your preferred consistency. If it thins, add small amounts of soap base or Borax.
Add 2 tablespoons of 10% borax/water solution to 16 oz of liquid soap base that has been over thinned. Too
much borax solution will cause the base to go white.  Note that while stirring the base may turn white and foam, it is natural and should clear up. If it does not, then you’re pretty much stuck with that whiteness. It can be
overcome with colorant, however.

Also, the base will take on the color of the fragrance you use so keep that in mind while mixing and choosing what look you are aiming for-a green oil will make it impossible to finish with a pink soap so think ahead and test in small batches.  Any scent that contains vanilla will make it turn dark with time.  It discolors the soap.