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Goat Milk Castile Soap – Unscented

(10 customer reviews)


Goat Milk Castile Soap, with its soft caressing properties, will nourish and hydrate your skin. Created especially for those with very dry skin.

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This all-natural and unscented soap is the perfect choice for everyone, especially for people with dry and extra-sensitive skin. Completely fragrance-free, this organic soap contains no added dye, preservatives, synthetic oils, or chemicals. Instead, it is loaded with wholesome and beneficial natural ingredients, including coconut oil and sunflower oil that will keep your skin hydrated, protected, smooth, and nourished. We use the finest natural ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals that will hydrate your skin and help maintain its natural balance.

This soap does not contain any synthetic foaming agents that are highly likely to irritate your skin. The lather it forms is created by our natural ingredients, which are kind to even the most delicate of skin. Either you use it with a loofah or a sponge, or glide it directly over your skin, you are guaranteed to benefit from this natural castile soap. You can use this all-natural, biodegradable soap as it is, or customize it further as per your likings. Add any fragrance of your choice or use it as a base for reselling purposes.


Unscented Goat Milk Castile Soap 100% Natural plant based.

Water, Saponified oils of Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil, Citric Acid (pH adjuster), Goat Milk.

Saponified with Potassium Hydroxide, none remains after soap is made.  Castile retains its natural glycerin which is a byproduct of saponification.

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10 reviews for Goat Milk Castile Soap – Unscented

  1. Verified Purchase

    I have sensitive skin. I’ve been using bars of nontoxic soap for years, but I recently wanted to add essential oils to my own shower gel base. I poured some of this into a reusable pump bottle, added essential oils and diluted it by 1/3. The consistency to add to my loofah in the shower is perfect. Definitely works well for my extremely sensitive skin. Leaves my tattoos moisturized

  2. Verified Purchase

    I had looked at other goat milk soaps and much greater cost but decided to give this a try. So glad I did, it’s awesome and great value for money. In this day and age of constant washing of hands, it keeps them soft, no dryness and smells great also. Made in America too! My grandkids love it and it is not hard to get them to wash with this soap. I am so thrilled I gave it a try. I will definitely buy again and have told several people about it.

  3. Verified Purchase

    My favorite body wash and shampoo disappeared a few months ago. So I was looking for one that can handle my sensitive skin, will still making me feel clean. I picked this up partially to stock up on soap, and also to experiment with adding my own essential oils. I have to say that I love the results. My skin and scalp are very sensitive and dry out easily, this soap helps to get me clean without making me feel that my skin has been stripped or drying out my hair. I will DEFINATLY buy again.

    I added frankincense, myrrh, and geranium essential oils to this soap. I have to say I love the way I smell after using it.

  4. Verified Purchase

    I love your soap. It has a very mild natural sweet smell that is quite pleasant. I’m actually hesitant about writing a good review because I don’t want them to go up in price or sell out when I need to get more. If the price was cheaper to buy multiple I probably would have bought in bulk. It’s not a super abrasive castile soap as its actually quite moisturizing to the skin but, still does the job of some of the more popular brands. I’d say this is probably my favorite castile soap, everything about it is great.

  5. Verified Purchase

    I use this soap for bathing, hair, and shaving. I have Psoriasis, and this is very soothing to my skin. The cream from the goat milk rises to the top, and that makes an excellent shaving cream! I cannot say enough good about it.

  6. Verified Purchase

    I use this product to make foaming hand soap and other items for my small business. I love the richness it gives my soaps lather, as well as the softness. I would highly recommend it to others!

  7. Verified Purchase

    I waited to leave feedback for a while. I had to really give this product it’s test. I wash my hands over & over plus use disinfectants repeatedly throughout the day. I’ve tried all types of soft soaps with moisturizer in & I keep going back to goats milk. My absolute favorite is Zum goat bar soap, absolutely my favorite of all. The only problem is the price. Zum products have a variety of scents that I usually stash in my linen cabinets & dresser drawers. Because this is a goats base it’s very much comparable to Zum. Now that I know I love this product as well, I’m going to start pairing it with my essential oils. I love frankincense & myrrh, frankincense & lavender, etc. I’m really excited about the outcome of that as well. Guess I’ll be adding to my review once I’ve added my essential oils.
    2/26/22 just now buying my second gallon. Made friends & family this as a body wash with their favorite essential oils. Was an absolute success! Was able to find goat milk body lotion & add the same essential oils. Just going to hoard the rest. My skin can get really dried out & “burnt” from the chemicals I use to clean with. This paired with goat milk lotion calms all that angry redness down. Making my hands so so soft like I didn’t just put away my cleaning products. HA!

  8. Verified Purchase

    I used this to make an order I had for a body wash and was able to scent it perfectly as the natural scent wasn’t overpowering or not easily masked which is something I’ve found in bases like these. My skin felt so amazing after I used a little to make sure my customers would get something they loved I found I loved it too!! Can’t wait to order more and make more batches!!

  9. Verified Purchase

    I’ve just put in my order for my second gallon of this. I use it in all of my hand soap dispensers. There is no scent, it lathers great, leaves my hands soft and supple. Highly recommended.

  10. Donna Hughes (verified owner)

    I just ordered a gallon for the second time,first time from this website, this is the most gentle moisturizing liquid soap I have ever used, it’s not hard to double this by adding distilled water as it’s so thick, a great buy.

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