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Original Castile Soap – Unscented

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Our original castile soap is thick, non-drying, and great for customizing. This soap is as basic as they come. Only 5 ingredients: all weighed, cooked, and packaged in house. Great for sensitive skin or allergy to scents.

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Mild natural soap starts with pure non-GMO sunflower and coconut oils saponified with potassium hydroxide and slow cooked to perfection. A naturally awesome base, the consistency of honey, with no added thickeners.

Addition of fragrance or essential oils can cause more thickening of our soap. Just add distilled water to get the consistency you like.


Unscented Original Castile Liquid Soap 100% natural plant based.

Water, Saponified oils of Sunflower Oil and Coconut Oil, Citric Acid (pH adjuster)

Saponified with Potassium Hydroxide, none remains after soap is made.  Castile retains its natural glycerin which is a byproduct of saponification.

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5 reviews for Original Castile Soap – Unscented

  1. Verified Purchase

    My family has been using L&L products for over 15 years. It is in every soap dispenser in our home. We use different scents and especially like to use tea tree as our shower gel as the pure Castile soap mixed with tea tree essential oil gives us a natural clean with a therapeutic property that helps maintain a healthy skin flora. The honey like consistency of L&L soaps lends to a much richer, smoother feel as opposed to some of the other much thinner Castile soaps on the market. The quality and service Renee puts into her products is unmatched and I cannot recommend L&L products enough, especially to those who have sensitive skin. No harmful chemicals, no weird preservatives, no irritating dyes, or emulsifiers, just pure soap. Your dogs, your coworkers, and your friends will fall in love with this soap just as mine have.

  2. Verified Purchase

    I had never before buy a different soap other than my dove and let me tell you that I was wrong. For decades WE the consumers had let small companies to grow like mountains that sale to us garbage and we buy it because unfortunately we as a society consume more than what we actually need but we also tend to ignore the facts about our own wellbeing therefore we blindly buy products that harms us more than what we know therefore now we see the blown of organizations that actually care about the impact we are creating among ourselves as well as the environment so we meet here you and I searching for better solutions and products that will not only change our perception of what we so far believe to be good but also creating consciousness about our home. This soap will be from now on my only option.I add 20 drops of orange essential oil to a bash the will last I guess over a month and the smell it’s so fresh and pure and it’s not only for the essential oil itself but because the QUALITY OF THIS SOAP. And it’s none GMO,pure and organic. I feel like I don’t wanna stop writing about this soap because it’s like it makes my life better!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU VERY MUCHFOR CREATING A PRODUCT THAT’S GOOD FOR US AND THE PLANET AS WELL!!!!!

  3. Verified Purchase

    This soap is great, unscented (you can add your own scent if you like), very thick (you can always thin it with water). I usually get Dr Bronner’s castile soap, but this is less expensive and fine quality. In fact, I mixed it with some Dr Bronner’s and it’s great. I like the thickness; I tried another brand and it was too thin, got used up far too quickly. This is now my favorite castile soap, I recommend it to anyone who wants a really high-quality soap. So happy I found this!

  4. Verified Purchase

    My partner has really bad eczema that most soaps make worse. This soap is one of the soaps that don’t add to the problem while also cleaning hands. This is our go-to!

  5. Verified Purchase

    Great soap to use as a base for body wash hand wash clothes wash etc.

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