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Common Uses for Castile Soap

  • Face, Body and Hand Cleaner
  • Fruit & Veggie Wash
    1 tsp. in a sink of water. Soak then rinse well.
  • Household hard surface cleaner
    1 tsp. per 16 oz water in spray bottle.
  • Yoga Mat Cleaner
    1 tsp per 16 oz. water in spray bottle
  • Wet Suit Cleaner
    1 tsp. per 16 oz. water.
  • Stain Remover
    Full strength scrub into stain allow to sit over night rinse or launder as normal.
  • Pet Shampoo
    Depending on animal size and density of hair adjust as necessary. Generally, 1 tablespoon per 16 oz. water. Castile is low foam and rinses out easily. Does not strip natural oils from skin therefore not drying.
  • Carpet/rug cleaning
    Dilute 50/50 for deeply soiled rugs. Scrub or steam clean then rinse and allow to dry.
  • Shaving
    1 part aloe juice or gel to 1 part castile soap
  • Teeth brushing
    Add a drop to your toothbrush and clean teeth. For extra whiting add baking soda. Add peppermint essential oil to improve taste.
  • Aphid control plant soap
    1 tbls. Castile in 16 oz water. Spray top and bottom of leaves.
  • Make up remover
    1 part aloe juice 1-part castile.
  • Make up brush cleaner
    1 tsp castile in 1 cup warm water. Soak 10 minutes then rinse.
  • Handwashing Dishes
    Baked on food use full strength. Coat pan or dish with Castile soap apply wet paper towel and let sit overnight.
  • Toilet, tub and sink cleaner
    1 cup castile soap, 1 cup water, ¼ cup baking soda.
  • Laundry
    1/2 cup per load. For HE only add to the drum not in the cup.
  • Foam Soap dispenser
    1 part castile soap 4 parts water.

Additional Information

  • Bleach can be added to hard surface cleaners.
  • Essential oils can be added for their therapeutic and aromatherapy benefits.